The VisionSphere - 6m

6m Stratosphere, projection mapping dome, temporary structure. Projection sphere for 360 content
  • Internal Floor Space: N/A
  • Total Footprint: 36m² (6m x 6m)
  • Doors: N/A
  • Blackout Dome: No
  • Power to inflate dome: Mains supply or 30kVA generator
  • Diameter at centre: 6 metres

Perfect for smaller locations, stages, exhibitions or anywhere you need to make an impressive visual impact!


The 6m VisionSphere differs from the StratoSphere as it's not a venue, and show content can only be viewed from the outside. A small entrance in the shoulder allows technicians to enter and setup the AV equipment and then it will remain sealed.


5 projectors are placed around the internal perimeter and synced together using the most up to date media servers available. This creates a completely seamless 360° video that can be used however you wish, including a bespoke full dome show, multiple video windows, text, logos - the only limit is your imagination...