The Stratosphere - 25m

Side and top view of LM Productions 25m temporary event structure: The Stratosphere. It allows fully immersive, 360 degree video content either on the inside or the outside.
  • Internal Floor Space: 403m²
  • Total Footprint: 1225m² (35m x 35m)
  • Doors: 4
  • Blackout Dome: Yes (optional)
  • Power to inflate dome: Mains supply or 30kVA generator
  • Diameter at centre: 25 metres

The largest of all the StratoSpheres, the 25 meter dominates any environment, and with a 400m² floor space, it can comfortably host over 1000 guests.


If you need to make a big impression on a lot of people, the 25m StratoSphere is the perfect solution. Its night-time projections can be seen across huge distances making it an ideal venue or advertising space.


Due to its shear size and cavernous interior, the 25m StratoSphere can be transformed and utilised as you wish. Truss, staging, additional lighting, as well as the option for 360° video projection, your guests can be transported to anywhere in the world...or beyond!