The Stratosphere - 18m

Side and top view of LM Productions 18m temporary event structure: The Stratosphere. It allows fully immersive, 360 degree video content either on the inside or the outside.
  • Internal Floor Space: 197m²
  • Total Footprint: 625m² (25m x 25m)
  • Doors: 3
  • Blackout Dome: Yes (optional)
  • Power to inflate dome: Mains supply or 30kVA generator
  • Diameter at centre: 18 metres

The 18m StratoSphere is an incredibly versatile structure that can be used for a number of different purposes. Its 3-way door alignment makes for easy access and exit and can be installed with either revolve, airlock doors or a combination of the two.


With an internal floor space of almost 200m², the 18m is the perfect solution for anything from an exhibition space to  a corporate event. The immersive nature of the dome structure creates an experiential environment that can be enhanced through the creation of bespoke content, that can be designed by our in-house creative team.