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Marlboro campaign

LM Productions partnered with the Romanian events company 'Eventures', to put together an incredible touring event for the Philip Morris brand 'Marlboro'. The 25m StratoSphere was filled to capacity with over 1100 guests partying night after night in what was an incredible branding and marketing experience.


Due to strict European advertising rules, tobacco brands are heavily restricted. This was the perfect opportunity for us to use our largest BlackOut Dome, which allowed the outside to be beautifully dressed with colour changing LED whilst the inside was an incredible display of bars, dancers, guests DJs and incredible video footage that not only kept an exhilarating party atmosphere, but also was used to deliver direct branding messages to the guests.


The tour visited multiple cities across Romania and was a huge success. Philip Morris was able to reach out to tens of thousands of people through this memorable, exciting and unique event.

  • Event Name: Marlboro Campaign
  • Location: Various locations, Romania
  • Structure Type: 25 metre Stratosphere
  • Fields: StratoSphere, Lasers, Sound, Light