LM Production Stratosphere 360 Projection dome projection stage event venue hosting host 1200 people live special effects branding projected large scale LED wall black out dome

Astellas Conference

LM Productions once again teamed up with West End Studios to deliver an exceptional venue for pharmaceutical giants 'Astellas' annual conference. The 25m StratoSphere was built on a raised, level platform as to support a hugely impressive stage and backdrop which was built inside the StratoSphere.


The stage was not only for speakers and the awards presentations, but also for singers, bands, comedians and acrobatic displays. The mood of the evening was conveyed by simple colours and patterns projected onto the StratoSphere which changed throughout the night, which started with a formal dinner and ended with a disco!


We also supplied two additional structures; a small 10m trident dome which acted as a control and preparation area, along with an 8m x 15m Cube which was used as a catering venue, allowing caters to prep directly by the StratoSphere.

  • Event Name: Astellas Medical Conference
  • Location: Vilamoura, Portugal
  • Structure Type: 25 metre StratoSphere
  • Fields: StratoSphere, Cuboid, Lighting, Stage Design